About Us

I have a beautiful daughter named Addison Hase. This amazing girl, is the reason I get up every day and pursue my dream while trying to build a legacy for her to follow.

I started my culinary career at the young age of 15 years old. It started by serving breakfast at The Kaufman House in Zelienople, PA. 

When I graduated high school, I moved out of my parents house and pursued the art of cooking. At a well known establishment in the area I learned that cooking was more of a passion and art, rather than just a job. I was 21 years old when I landed my first Executive chef spot at Atris in Wexford, PA. There I learned how to communicate with the guests and really fine tune certain techniques. 

After my run at Atrias, I decided to further my career and became a Sous Chef at Bonnie and Clydes in Wexford. I worked under Executive chef Dan Rammel and really learned how to open up a plethora of different flavor combinations in the meals I created. I was given the free range of exploring my talents and I really found myself as a chef.

I am now Chef/ Owner of Addison Avenue Catering. My goal isn’t just to make a couple bucks and go home. When I cook, I cook with passion. My goal for each event is to make people want more. To make them talk about how amazing the food was during and even after the event. I want to see people’s reaction of joy when they take a bite. I love being able to reach a complete stranger on a personal level by making their day by serving them an amazing meal.

All my cooking is done from scratch. I am one of the very few caterers who do not own a freezer. I don’t believe in them. I do not want to be like every other caterer and recycle leftover food from parties. If you’re going to trust me and support my dream and family, then I am going to make sure that you have the freshest and best meal that I can provide to you and your guests.